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Monty is PWM's in-house pet. He's a complicated chap,

often conflicted by bouts of loneliness, a feeling like he exists in completely the wrong era and the constant relenting noise that engulfs him. 

To help him get out of the house a bit, PWM tasked him with 'On The Table' where our social media community mention items for Monty to sample and make music out of. 

It's really that simple. To date Monty's had to sample onions, children, weightlifters, a cat, false teeth, Lambrini. The list goes on and the more suggestions you have the better. Get stuck in. 


So we all love learning a thing or two. We just got a bit fed up with the "Whassup guys Chad here from blah blah and I'm going to talk an insane amount about blah blah blah" until at 2 minutes you finally are told how to milk a swan.  Or cat or whatever. 

These instant mixing and production tips get straight to the point with no nonsense or waffle about what we ate that day or how we're 'feeling.' 

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