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    - Modular Pure Analogue Synthesiser

    - Eurorack Standard (1V/Oct Control Voltage & Gate)

    - Fully Re-Patchable to any Configuration

    - Independent Module Sections with Normalised Interconnects

    - 2 Voltage Controlled Oscillators

    - 2 ADSR Envelopes

    - Multi-mode 2 pole Voltage Controller Filter

    - Voltage Controlled Amplifier with Overdrive Control

    - Mixer Section with AUX and Noise Controls

    - USB-MIDI to CV Conversion within the Keys Module

    - Arpeggiator and Joystick Control

    - Analogue LFO plus additional Digital Performance LFO via the Joystick

    - 2 Analogue Envelopes

    - Adjustable Frequency Modulation in Both Oscillators and the Filter

    - High Quality Keyboard with Patchable Velocity Output as well as CV & Gate

    - Analogue clock in and out

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