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PWM Appearing at Superbooth 2022 - BIGGER, BETTER!

Updated: May 11, 2022

PWM will be appearing at Superbooth from 12-14 May, 2022 and this year we're BIGGER and BETTER!

Things are moving fast as we try to get more and more partners on board to get the lovely little Malevolent out to more and more analogue-hungry users!

If you find yourself at the Superbooth show next week then please stop by Z400 (Tent ZS06) and enjoy a cup of English tea while we blast you with weird analogue noises! Of course you get to try out the Malevolent and possibly something new... (can't say, it's top secret and it depends if it's working when I get it out of my suitcase!)

If you're not able to attend in person then please keep an eye on the PWM Blog and other industry press.

DJ Zardonic will be there to create some cool live Malevolent sounds.

We will have a crew of people you can talk to and find out more about PWM and the Malevolent Synthesiser.

If you're struggling to find us then head to the new Beach Stage and grab some food. Look for the PWM logo and come have a sit and a chat.


PWM is hosted by Hyperactive Audiotechnik GmbH. Hyperactive are PWM's exclusive distributor for Germany, Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg and are available for sub-distribution to other countries. Please contact us if you would like to become a PWM distributor or reseller.

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