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DivKid compares PWM Malevolent to a Moog Matriarch

Which one wins? (or is that the right question?)

Great to pop in on Ben in the West Riding of Yorkshire, only 15 mins drive from my sister's place!

He's been a fantastic positive critic of the Malevolent because he loves it but he wanted a little more from it and a few improvements. We've worked with the PWM team in the UK and in China to tweak and improve some of Ben's dislikes and I was happy to stop by to show him the results. You can tell by his broad grin he thinks we might just have got it right!

He made a lovely comment about how the Malevolent stacks up against the Matriarch and how he'd have to have both because they offer something unique. (I'm paraphrasing rather than quoting, forgive me Ben!) Unique is good and not the first time this has been said about the Malevolent.

Here's a bit of the Malevolent at home in DivKid's studio:

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