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Paul Whittington has a healthy knowledge of the music manufacturing process. With past lives in Evolution Electronics, M-Audio, Avid, Focusrite and Novation, he has been directly involved in countless products that have famously been featured in studio and live industries. Aside from his Product Management experience, he is a passionate synthesis designer and professional keys player, with appearances on radio and television. With so much knowledge and expertise in the music industry, Paul has finally launched PWM, by hand picking the best industry specialists to develop the innovative and exciting products soon to reach the public. A doting husband and proud father of two, Paul, when not doing the family thing is mainly found in his man cave – fiddling, plotting and scheming. 

We've always been passionate about the musicality of technology. Anything that makes noise is a very 

special thing indeed, but we as a company come from a musical background. We like making stuff we can play, have fun with and get inspired by. Otherwise, for us, there really is no point. Having worked in the music manufacturing sector for most of our lives, we know how to make products well and we can't wait to show you what is round the corner in the PWM timeline. Paul Whittington set the company up and hasn't looked back. The team is expanding and we are tantalisingly close to presenting our product portfolio.

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At every stage of our products' progression, we make sure everything ticks our fun box. Whether it's visual, playable, obtrusive, weird or chilled, we only care that it's fun to play with at all stages of its life. 

We hope you love what we make too, otherwise

what's the point eh? 

We've worked for a number of different music manufacturing companies before and at some point

along the product life-cycle, the magic stops and it merely begins to be a task.